A Letter From Bear

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2/04/Bear.jpg” alt=”" width=”484″ height=”660″ /> Argue All Day would like to thank all of our fans for playing our 2012 NCAA Bracket Challenge. Of course we can only have one winner and that winner is Richard Barry a.k.a Bear from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We salute you for defeating everyone and showing the sports world your insane amount of knowledge for the game of college basketball. This is the letter that was submitted to me by Bear after his victory. I am very humbled to have won such a prestigious challenge. Being crowned the champion of the Argue All Day Bracket Challenge has been a goal of mine since Joey Bou-Daher informed me of it, half an hour before the tournament started. I literally put minutes of time into preparing and filling out my bracket in preparation for this monumental challenge. I stand atop a group of dedicated sports fans, the most of which, spent countless hours this semester watching every down. Some of you might wonder how a guy that hasn’t watched

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a single inning of college basketball could win a bracket challenge despite such a diverse group of people who posture themselves as actually knowing stuff about it. Well the explanation is actually pretty simple. First, smaller numbers are better than larger ones… I know it sounds weird (after all who wants $1 when you can have $16?) but it appears to hold true, minus my VCU call, I just like teams that can abbreviate their names to three letters. Other than that, I relied on nostalgia; my assumption was that if I remembered a team because someone I knew in elementary school had their gear, chances are… they are still good and would win their match (my buddy Dave had a Kansas Jayhawks hat in grade 6.) Wpre;otiu 4986hq2[qcv8y3hav[cyq a4[cvh[yh oh, sorry about that, my dog Mack stepped on the keyboard… (that’s how I picked the West.) Finally, how could I have picked

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Kentucky to go all the way to the final you ask? Have you seen their best player? Buddy has a unibrow that doesn’t let up all the way across his forehead! There is no way that guy is distracted by chicks (see Duke LaCrosse), if he keeps that thing, he will be the best basketball player in the history of the world! Imagine how good Magic would have been with one of those bad boys…

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2 Responses to “A Letter From Bear”

  1. Chris Surette
    April 4, 2012 at 2:32 am #

    Incredible. Best thing I’ve read in a while (possibly ever).

  2. Charles Wall
    April 11, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

    This is way to funny. Much respect.

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