LeBron Gets Dunked On In China

Recently LeBron James was over in China playing a game of pick up basketball. I’m not sure why he was over there, odds are that he’s still hiding out after the NBA Finals.

Anyone who follows my posts knows how I feel about LeBron, and if you’re new to the site and don’t know i’ll make it very clear “I hate him”. So it’s only right that anytime I can show videos or pictures of him looking like a fool I will.

Well here it is, a video of LeBron getting pick pocketed by a random kid and then getting “Dunked” on. Afterwards he gets so rattled that he tries to make something happen way to fast coming down the court, which resulted in him turning the ball over. I guess Nike couldn’t stop this one from leaking.

We should take it easy on him though because it most likely was in the 4th quarter.

I dedicate this post to Cleveland.

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