Indiana Boosiers!

While this video is visually stunning, these two guys spent far too much of their parents money trying to capture the essence of the Indiana Hoosier basketball.

“Hoosier Daddy” is a nice opening line. But the reference to” McEnroe” is a clearly ripping off House of Pain. It’s sad to see white rappers rob other white rappers.

The last time Indiana won a championship(1987) neither of these kids were born.

I have to admit I haven’t seen a guy with an excellent hairdo play the violin like that since Arnold Poindexter did it in Revenge of the Nerds.

Is it me or is one of the kid’s rapping look just like Adam Richmond from Man Vs. Food?

I’m not going to “put my hands up”, instead I’ll put my thumbs down.

How the hell are you going to make a rap about the Hoosiers and not throw names out? You have to bring some respect to the rap game! Wait a second, they did mention “Mark Cuban”. But no reference to the names: Isiah Thomas, Keith Smart(hit game winner in ’87 title game), Damon Bailey(former Mr. Basketball in Indiana),  Steve Alford, and of course the worst omission: Bob Knight.

Bob Knight should grab that chair thrown by the girl(which, btw, is weak attempt to do it like Knight did it) and smash these two goofs over their heads.

This isn’t Indiana. This is an insult.

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